The galleries are in the process of being built from my archives. Some of the projects have finished. Some are open ended.

Bowden 1980-90

In the 1980s I had a photographic studio in Bowden, an old inner city, industrial working class suburb in…

Port Adelaide 1988-2011

The Port Adelaide project ran along side the Bowden one. I had a VW Kombi and a standard poodle…

Regional landscapes: South Australia

This modest project begins to explore the regional landscape of South Australia. Its concern is with natural beauty, which is traditionally contrasted with cities, industry and torn up industrial landscapes that are considered to be ugly.

Natural history

The natural history project explores the idea of nature as history and history appearing as nature. The nature which…

Tasmanian Elegies

This is a meditative project in the melancholic mode. This ‘through the lens of loss’ is a mourning  for…

Australian topographics

Australian Topographics refers back to the 1975 New Topographics: Photographs of a Man-Altered Landscape, as well as to an understated Australian one. It is a modest reworking of both. Its focus is historical, a looking back on the recent past.


The Edgelands project explores the interfacial interzone between the urban and the rural. The edgelands are the ever shiftinge…


The Fleurieuscapes project is  the photography of place.  It explores the regional land/urbanscape of the Fleurieu Peninsula in the…

Edgelands 2

These edgelands are those liminal spaces that are passed through on the way somewhere else. They are ignored and untended places where a forgotten Australia exists.

Adelaide a city of light

It’s the light, not the churches, that is one of the notable characteristics of Adelaide. Adelaide is a city…

Adelaide's Architecture

This project is a study of Adelaide's architecture. It is the perspective of someone who lived in the CBD for 10 years and walked the streets as a flaneur.

Alt Adelaide

Alt-Adelaide is the other or the underside side of Adelaide, the city of light and heritage architecture. These are the darker spaces in Adelaide, the enlightened city.

Adelaide street

These images of  the streets of Adelaide  were made with handheld cameras whilst I was on early morning or…

Australian Abstractions

This project reconnects with, and builds upon, the abstract photographic tradition in Australia, whose roots lie in the 1960s, but which appears to have been displaced and forgotten.

Dark landscapes

The dark landscape project works in the tradition that recognises the Gothic nature of the Australian landscape. The Australian Gothic is the focal point of all that is dark and menacing in Australian photography.


An architectural study of silos along the Mallee Highway,   the Dukes Highway in South Australia and the Western…

The Mallee

The Mallee was  the Land of Promise in the early 20th Century, after the failure of pastoralism in the…

Selfies as portraits

Selfies is a whimsical project where the shadow of the photographer or that of the camera being used is…


Reconnections refers to my leaving Wellington in the early 1970s,  and then returning around 2013 after a 40 year…


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