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at the Cotter River, Canberra

August 27, 2015

On a recent trip to Canberra to visit my family, I briefly explored the Cotter River with Judith Crispin. She knew the area well from exploring it photographically whilst she had been working at Manning Clark House; and she kindly offered to show me some of her favourite places along the valley of the Cotter River.

 trees, Cotter River

trees, Cotter River

It was an all too brief visit, but I find both the river valley and the region around it—– the Namadgi National Park —-very interesting; and I will certainly revisit both the next time that I am in Canberra. The plan is for the next trip to be primarily a photo trip.

stones, Cotter River

stones, Cotter River

On this particular trip I was more focused on photographing the exposed tree roots along the Murrumbidgee River near Hay so that I could to continue to build on the river section of the Edgelands project. I had seen the exposed roots of the river gums on an earlier trip to Canberra—the opening of the Edgeland’s exhibition at Manning Clark House—but I didn’t have time to photograph them then.

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