Adelaide street

These images of  the streets of Adelaide  were made with handheld cameras whilst I was on early morning or late afternoon poodle walks, mostly around the CBD. I was living in a townhouse in Sturt St in  the CBD at the time and I could easily  walk  the CBD.

This section  of the Adelaide  project explores the  shift from the static linear narrative told by a single author to different  stories of the streets of Adelaide  interpreted  from multiple perspectives. Interpretation  does not supplant the evidential role of the image, though it does force a reconsideration of the photograph as “evidence.” Photography now exists in a world that is fluent in visual metaphor and understands the image beyond the limitations of the merely representational.

The Adelaide here is one of  mostly, empty streets with a minimal  urban life.The  empty streets and limited urban life  in the CBD  is one of the consequences of Adelaide’s post mid to late 20the centre  growth as a suburban city.



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