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Fleurieuscapes: Outtake 2

January 4, 2016

This image is an outtake from the 15 images that I have selected for my  forthcoming Fleurieuscapes exhibition  at  the Magpie Springs Gallery in January 2016.  A previous outtake from the exhibition can be seen on this post on the Encounter Studio blog.

Elephants trunk, Victor Harbor

Elephants trunk, Victor Harbor

Although I was quite partial to it, my  friends who were kindly acting as  de facto curators  for the exhibition rejected it. I am sentimentally attached to the image as my architectural representations of Victor Harbor are few and far between.   There isn’t that much to work with in this coastal  township, architecturally speaking,  and I thought it was a good way to explore the people, place, space theme of the exhibition. 

Most Adelaide’s associated Victor Harbor with a  summer playground,   holidays, the beach, leisure, and  playing than its urban life.  It is a part of, and contributes to,  the  meanings and symbolisms for Australians of the beach.  The beach–it’s traditionally Bondi in Sydney —is a site we usually associate with relaxation, an egalitarian spirit and leisure amid sun, sand and surf.   The icons  of the beach are the lifesaver, the beach belle and the beach bum, the surfer and the sunbather, not to forget characters in films like  Puberty Blue,  or television series such as  Seachange or Home and Away.

The summer playground  conception is understandable, since the promise of glistening white sand,  the  cool salty water and  a gentle breeze refreshing antidote to the sweltering heat of  the long summer days in the congested city that becomes a heat trap during a heatwave.  This has given rise to the  mythology that Australia is a place dominated by gorgeous beaches with its  lifesavers and counter culture surfers.

From this perspective the people, space and place theme of the exhibition is the public  beach  where social and class distinctions disappear under the pursuit of pleasure and fun. It’s not  the early morning  winter light tawdry  on the scruffy architecture  of the coastal town.

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