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Feature: large format #1

March 10, 2021

Another motivation to post the large format images is that I have linked up with the Melbourne-based large format network in the sense of joining them on the two weekend long annual field trips. There is a field trip coming up in a couple of weeks (26-28th March) based at Lorne on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. This photography is nature based-on the Lorne trip we will be photographying in, and around, the Great Otway National Park.

Since the images made on these kind of field trips are different to the ones I make for the Mallee Routes project, they just sit on the hard drive of the old Mac Pro computer. Hence the decision to post some of the large format images of natural beauty on this blog.

This is another image from the same Ballan Forest photo session. It was towards the end of the session and some dark clouds had started to roll in.

Ballan Forest, Victoria, 2015

Three of us had briefly explored the Ballan forest the previous day with our 35mm Leica cameras. The following day my friends had left Ballarat to go to Melbourne, and I decided to return to the forest to photograph the trees with the Linhof 5×4. I was intrigued by the trees but I needed to be on my own and to take my time photographing. Large format is slow photography.

I remember that it had started to rain as I was photographing amongst the strand of eucalyptus. It was late in the morning and I was conscious that I needed to return to Adelaide that day.


I weakened. I did start a large format blog. It’s here and it is very low key. I will retain the regular feature of large format posts on this blog — featuring the more successful work. The large format blog will be warts and all and build a series of links to people using large format in a digital age.

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