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June 29, 2020

The Covid-19 interstate travel restrictions are still in place and the national economy continues to contract, rather than bursting into life with a big bounce into a fast recovery with incomes and jobs bouncing back. All will be well again say the free market crowd. The new normal of getting Australia moving again is one of gradually reopening the economy, loosening strict social-distancing measures, Covid-19 hotspots popping up through community transmission in the capital cities, a public health strategy of case identification, contact tracing, isolation/quarantine and close monitoring,  reimposed restrictions and further economic damage.

dead tree, Baum Rd, Waitpinga

If the worst of the pandemic is over, I don’t really know what is going on right now in any real detail. The pandemic is more than an economic shock. We are living through a deep-seated transformative moment.  If the future is even more of a black box than the present, the sense of future upheaval comes with the realisation that there will be no return to the status quo ante of an inhuman neo-liberal globalisation that gave  priority to corporate interests. Will the globalisation of health for the sake of our humanity mean that national and international health policies will continue to take large sectors of the economy out of the command of the marketplace, because its policy fundamentals cannot be driven by profit maximisation or corporate self-interest? 

It was unfortunate that the Covid-19 lockdown put paid to both the Adelaide Art Photographers -1970 2000 exhibition and the book launch. The physical exhibition at the RSASA never opened and it eventually went online. The books remain unsold and so the online corner store becomes a necessity. So I need to continue working on the newsletter and corner store and, hopefully, be able to roll them out in the next couple of weeks. It is a minute part of the transition to the globalised digital world. For photography this transition in the world of social media means multi skilling:  teach photography, write and blog about photography, sell photos online, sell affiliate products, run workshops and use platforms like Patreon or BlueThumb. It’s all about building an audience that sees you as someone special.

The Covid-19 pandemic has its origins in our colonisation of nature and species destruction with the implication that  another pandemic is on the cards causing governments to put their people’s lives before profit maximisation and limitless growth.

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